🔸 dent (sb’s confidence, reputation,etc.) damage sb’s confidence, etc.

🔸 self-esteem (n) the way you feel about yourself (high/low self-esteem)

🔸 make light of sth : treat sth as unimportant >< take th seriously

🔸 trivial: not important or serious

🔸 take sth in your stride: accep and deal with a difficult situation without letting it worry you

🔸 get sb down: make sb feel sad or depressed

🔸 keep things in perspective: not allow a problem to have too much importance

🔸 setback: (n) a problem that delays or prevents progress (sự thụt lùi)

🔸 reassure sb: = set sb’s mind at rest: say or do sth that makes sb less worried

🔸 be behind sb/sth: give support to sb/sth (hỗ trợ, giúp đỡ)

🔸 regardless of sth: without being affected or influenced by sth

🔸 articulate sth (v): express your thoughts clearly in words

🔸 channel of communication: a system or method for sending or obtaining information

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